SLS @ The Academy of St Nicholas

Dance, Drama and Performance

The Academy of St Nicholas is an ideal rehearsal space, performance area and a great place to host an event or show. The facility is a regular venue for many local groups, clubs and teams and is the ideal venue for clubs to make their home.

We can also offer free promotion for your club, group or event via e-marketing, social media and in-school promotional campaigns.


Sports Hall

A perfect facility for 5-a-side football, badminton, cricket and many more sports and activities. Also available for parties, celebrations and events.



Large open space in the heart of ESLA. A great venue for events, celebrations, that can host a capacity of 120+ people.


Dance Studio

Dance Studio with mirrors and bars, available to hire. A great venue for regular dance groups, fitness classes and much more. Make this space your club or group’s new home. Casual or one off bookings also welcome. Table tennis tables available.


Performance Theatre

Performance Theatre, featuring the stage and a capacity of 210 seats. Available to hire for community or corporate use. Sound and lighting available, please enquire for more information.


Lecture Theatre

Lecture Theatre with a capacity of 100 seats. A great space for training, meetings, seminars and much more.


Drama Theatre

A great open space for drama, dance, practice, team building and much more. One off bookings are welcome or make ESLA your new venue for your clubs new home. Smaller area also available to hire.

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